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How Do Lucky 15 Bets Work?

Question MarkA Lucky 15 is a multiple-bet system where you pick four selections and place 15 single and accumulative bets on these outcomes.

These are:

  • 4 x Singles
  • 6 X Doubles
  • 4 x Trebles
  • 1 x Four-Fold

You’ll notice that a Lucky 15 bet is very similar to how a Yankee works, however here you get 15 chances to win thanks to the addition of the four singles. Therefore you only need one of your four selections to win for a guaranteed pay-out.

As an example, let’s place a Lucky 15 bet on some classic horse racing action, with odds supplied by BetVictor:

Selections Odds
Flashy Star 15/8
Dino Mite 4/6
Classical Art 10/11
Ballyegan 2/1

So here are our four selections. When you place your Lucky 15 you’ll know that you are placing 15 bets, and you will change your stake to suit: if you place £1 then you will actually be betting £15. If you initially stake 10p then your overall outlay will be £1.50.

A £1.50 bet on these four selections would pay a total of £11.92 (a profit of 10.42), and a £15 stake would return £119.24 (a profit of £104.24) if all four horses came home.

Now, a four-fold would scoop £41 from £1.50 and £44 from £15 respectively; but, as we’re sure we’ve found out to our cost in the past, for a four-fold to come in we need ALL FOUR selections to come good.

With a Lucky 15, we have 15 different combinations for profit-making potential. And these are:

Bet Type Selections No. of Bets
Singles Flashy Star; Dino Mite; Classical Art; Ballyegan; 4
Doubles Flashy Star & Dino Mite; Flashy Star & Classical Art; Flashy Star & Ballyegan; Dino Mite & Classical Art; Dino Mite & Ballyegan; Classical Art & Ballyegan; 6
Trebles Flashy Star, Dino Mite & Classical Art; Flashy Star, Dino Mite & Ballyegan; Dino Mite, Classical Art & Ballyegan; Flashy Star, Classical Art & Ballyegan; 4
Four-Fold Flashy Star, Dino Mite, Classical Art & Ballyegan; 1

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s say that three of your horses win – Flashy Star, Dino Mite and Ballyegan. Classical Art falls at the last fence (don’t you hate it when that happens!)

Let’s take a look at your winnings: congratulations, you have won three singles, three doubles and a treble. This will ensure a decent return on your initial investment.

And this is the point of a Lucky 15 punt: it enables you to minimise your risk. If all four of your selections win then happy days! The drinks are on you. But the most important thing is that even if only one of your selections comes in then you can yield a return.

A good accumulative punter knows that spreading risk is the key to success!

Bookie Bonuses To Help You Out

Lucky 15 bets are often the target for some fantastic offers and bonuses from bookmakers. This, ultimately, is because they stand to make more money from you – as already mentioned; your stake will be 15x your standard amount.

But the good news for you is that your chances of winning with a Lucky 15 are greater than with, say, one single four-fold.

The most common form of bonuses available are:

All-Winner Bonus – as the name suggests, you’ll get a lovely little enhanced pay-out should all four of your selections come home. Unfortunately none of these are currently running with online bookmakers.

One-Loser Bonus – as in our horse racing example above, if that one horse had let you down then you would win for your singles, doubles and treble, and a tidy little bonus on top (currently none available).

One-Winner Consolation Bonus – if you have a bit of a ‘mare with your Lucky 15, then there’s always the consolation bonus to fall back on. You can get up to treble odds from some bookmakers – listed here.

The bonus can take the form of a refund of your stake or a part of it, or in most cases will typically be a percentage increase in your return or increased odds.

Advantages & Disadvantages For Lucky 15 Bets

The Advantages of Lucky 15:

  • More chances of winning than smaller accumulators
  • Enhanced profit potential
  • Able to spread your risk
  • Bonuses available

The Disadvantages of Lucky 15:

  • Initial outlay is greater
  • Returns can be low compared to stake if only one or two winners come in

Lucky 15 bets are especially popular with horse racing punters, who use various different strategies to pick winnings and where an each way option helps to minimise risk yet further.

This type of accumulator is also a source of great success for football punters – especially those who really do their homework and find four great selections at decent prices.

But, as with any type of accumulator, there is a certain amount of risk. You’d ideally have at least two winners in your Lucky 15 to make it worthwhile – with only one you may only just break even.

That said, a Lucky 15 bet offers you a great opportunity to accumulate winnings over a number of bets, and offers a more consistent form of income over outright betting.

Dean Wyatt

Author: Dean Wyatt

Dean Wyatt is the founder and editor here at Acca Nation. He’s been betting sports for over 20 years and is a profitable sports trader on the exchanges.

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