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How Does A Yankee Bet Work?


Not quite the same thing!

A Yankee is a type of multiple-bet accumulator that groups your four selections into eleven bets. These are:

  • 6 X Doubles
  • 4 x Trebles
  • 1 x Four-Fold

You now have eleven possible winning combinations at your disposal, rather than just the one if you had placed a four-fold. It’s very similar to how a Lucky 15 bet works but without the singles.

As an example, let’s place a Yankee bet on some English Premier League action, with odds supplied by BetVictor:

  Home Draw Away
Southampton vs Tottenham 11/10 23/10 5/2
Burnley vs Leicester City 6/4 23/10 9/5
Crystal Palace vs Hull City EVENS 21/10 16/5
Newcastle United vs Swansea 13/10 11/5 11/5
QPR vs West Ham 11/8 12/5 19/10
Stoke City vs Sunderland 19/20 9/4 16/5
West Brom vs Liverpool 3/1 5/2 10/11
Man City vs Aston Villa 1/4 5/1 10/1
Everton vs Man United 23/10 23/10 6/5
Arsenal vs Chelsea 29/20 9/4 19/10

Let’s say for sake of argument that your four selections are Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool. You would add these to your betting slip, and where you’d normally select a four-fold, keep scrolling down the page until you come to the ‘Yankee’ box on your coupon.

Now, remember, a Yankee is a combination of eleven bets; so where you’d normally place a £1 wager here it would equate to £11 (a pound on each outcome). So, you may want to lower your original stake to, say, 10p – as this will ensure that your overall outlay is £1.10.

A £1.10 Yankee on these four selections could return £6.41 (a profit of £5.31). An £11 Yankee could return £64.08 (a profit of £53.08).

The composition of your Yankee would look something like this:

Part of Bet Your Selections Number of Bets
Doubles Man Utd & Man City; Man Utd & Arsenal; Man Utd & Liverpool; Man City & Arsenal; Man City & Liverpool; Arsenal & Liverpool; Six
Trebles Man Utd, Man City & Liverpool; Man Utd, Man City & Arsenal; Man City, Liverpool & Arsenal; Man Utd, Liverpool & Arsenal; Four
Four-Fold Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool & Arsenal One

Spreading Risk

Know you know how a Yankee bet works you may be looking at your Yankee and thinking: ‘hang on a minute; I could place the same amount on a four-fold and win more money!’

Indeed, a £1.10 four-fold on the above selections would return £14.37 (a profit of £13.27), and an £11 four-fold would return £143.69 (a profit of £132.69). But the key here is that for you four-fold to win, you’d need all four of your selections to triumph; and you only have one winning combination.

With a Yankee, you have eleven possible combinations that could yield profit, and to guarantee a return on your investment you only need two of your four selections to win. This is known as ‘spreading risk’.

If you make your picks wisely – as highlighted in the example above – then you should have plenty of profit-making potential at your disposal.

Where to Place Your Yankee

You can place a Yankee on many sports, although much like accumulator bets the two most popular, and arguably best, are football (soccer) and horse racing.

It’s worth noting though that the vast majority of bookmakers will only accept Yankees on match betting in football – they won’t accept Scorecasts, Both Teams to Score, Half Time/Full Time, things like that.

With a horse racing Yankee, you’d simply pick out four horses that you think are going to win their races. The combinations are than calculated in exactly the same way.

It’s worth noting if you fancy playing a Yankee on the horses that you can also select an each way option. This once again multiplies your stake – you’d be up to £22 rather than £11 in the example above – but of course each way betting gives you a greater chance of a return.

Make sure you check out our page on the best betting sites for Yankee’s so you get the best possible odds and payout from your bets.

How Do Super Yankees Work?

A Super Yankee works along the same lines as a traditional Yankee, but here you have to select five teams, players or horses rather than four.

So in the example above, we’d place our Super Yankee on Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal and, say, Tottenham.

Now we have 26 bets in our hand: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a single five-fold. Our initial outlay has increased again, but we now have 26 chances of winning – and so our risk is spread even further.

Most crucially, our earning potential is greatly enhanced, as we still only need two of our five selections to come up trumps for us.

Yankee Bet Advantages & Disadvantages

The Advantages of Yankee Betting

  • More chances of winning
  • Spreads risk
  • Better profit potential

The Disadvantages of Yankee Betting

  • Requires 11x your original stake
  • Pays out less, pound for pound, than a traditional accumulator

And so there you have it. A Yankee offers you a potential goldmine of bookie-bashing potential, but you need to have full confidence in your four selections – otherwise you may end up empty-handed.

Remember, if only two of your four selections come in then you may only break even. So if you’re not completely confident in ALL of your selections, you’d be better off sticking to a double or treble.

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