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Hopefully you’ve hit this page because you’ve browsed through the wealth of accumulator betting info on our site, loved the content and want to find out a little more about who WE are and WHY was set up.

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Why Start Acca Nation?

Acca Nation LogoThere’s no one sole reason we set up Acca Nation but our main goal in writing for the site has, and always will be, to help you the punter in your fight against your bookmaker.

It’s evident that there’s a lot of complacency among sports bettors. Most use just one bookmaker all the time and don’t give a second thought to the odds their getting or if they could be getting a better deal elsewhere.

When it comes to accumulators, and all multiples, this matters so much more because your odds are compounded throughout the bet.

You can definitely get yourself a better deal and you should. When your bets win you need (and should want) to win the maximum possible amount from the bookies. They always take your full stake amount when you lose so you should take the most possible profit when you win.

Complacency among punters makes us poorer and the bookies richer – we want to put an end to it!

So Who Are We?

Below is info on the people who currently write for Acca Nation and who have written for the site in the past. If you’ve got any questions for any of them please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

davidwDavid Wyatt

A long time sports punter/trader and the motivating force behind Acca Nation from the very beginning. David’s focus is on the day to day running of the site so whenever tips are published or new pages added he’s done the copy editing and formatting. You’ll also find him publishing his own tips from time to time – that’s rare but when he speaks it’s well worth listening.

If you get in touch with us using the contact form below then it’ll be David that answers your email.

deanjDean Jackson

Dean is part of the original team which helped get Acca Nation off the ground. His background is very much founded in football and tennis betting. He’s currently writing two books ‘Tour Tennis: Where The Value Lies’ and ‘Smash & Grab – Punters Guide To Accumulator Betting’. You’ll find him tipping on a regular basis across both sports.

Jerry Malone

Jerry is the most recent addition to the Acca Nation team and was brought in to cover horse racing for the site. He’s a veteran of the track and famously had a £5 accumulator on all 7 of Frankie Dettori’s rides back in September 1996 (that paid out a little over £120,000 by the way). He’s been dining out on that ever since. All the racing tips on site are curtsy of Jerry.

Privacy / Cookie Policy

All visitors who come to and read our site consent to our policy on cookies. Not sure what the heck they are? What it means? or how to get rid of them from your computer? Well all that info is below.

First off let us start by saying that by using cookies we in no way shape or form collect any sensitive information about you. All we are doing is monitoring the way you interact with our site so we can use that data to provide the best possible user experience. We try to make regular design changes, based on the info we collect, to improve the website.

We also use cookies to tag you for certain bonus deals and promotions. If you want the maximum possible bonus deal or best available promotion then these cookies tell the bookmaker you’re signing up with exactly that. If you went direct to the bookmaker website and signed up, as opposed to clicking an onsite link, often you’d get the bog standard deal which wouldn’t be as good.

If you want to delete cookies from our site, or any other site for that matter, then you can do so by accessing the settings panel of your web browser. You can them choose to clear cookies from a certain time frame or clear them all. It only takes a couple of minutes to do but to be honest it’s really nothing to worry about.

Email Data

If you’ve decided to jump onto our email list then welcome! We’re happy to have you and we hope you’re enjoying the regular tips content and exclusive offers.

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Dean Wyatt

Author: Dean Wyatt

Dean Wyatt is the founder and editor here at Acca Nation. He’s been betting sports for over 20 years and is a profitable sports trader on the exchanges.

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