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Our moto is ‘united against the bookies’ and that’s the sole purpose came into existance. We’re a group of guys who love accumulator betting and want to help as many punters as possible get one over on the bookies.

To aid you in the battle we’ve got a whole host of info on how to win more and bigger with accumulators as well as our accumulator bets in the tips section below.

Latest Acca Tips:

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Latest Accumulator Stats

  • Most Wins In a Row

Team # Wins
Celtic 19
Feyenoord 8
Porto 5
PSV Eindhoven 5
Ajax 5
  • Most Draws In a Row

Team # Draws
Rennes 5
Gillingham 4
Novara 3
Ascoli 3
Betis 3
  • Most Home Wins In a Row

Team # Wins
Juventus 12
Celtic 12
Roma 11
Chelsea 9
Inter 8
  • Most Away Wins In a Row

Team # Away Wins
Celtic 9
Bayern Munich 5
Arbroath 5
Paris SG 4
Forfar 3
  • Most Wins & BTTS In a Row

Team #Win & BTTS
Huddersfield 3
Sociedad 2
Go Ahead Eagles 2
Kayserispor 2
Dag and Red 2
  • BTTS Stats

Team P BTS %
Werder Bremen 20 17 85.00%
Nurnberg 20 16 80.00%
Carlisle 30 24 80.00%
Alloa 23 18 78.26%
Valencia 21 16 76.19%
  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Team P Over % Under %
Monaco 25 84.00% 16.00%
Livingston 23 82.61% 17.39%
Werder Bremen 20 80.00% 20.00%
Real Madrid 20 80.00% 20.00%
Woking 31 77.42% 22.58%
  • Scored Both Halves Stats

Team P SBH %
Real Madrid 20 12 60.00%
Feyenoord 22 13 59.09%
Benfica 21 12 57.14%
Celtic 24 13 54.17%
Forfar 24 12 50.00%

For full and expanded stats click here.

Win More & More Often

Our aim to help you beat the bookies. We want you to win more of your accumulator and multiple bets and make sure that when you do win you win the biggest possible payout.

The best way to win more money when you accumulator lands is to place it in conjunction with one of the many offers/promotions that are currently out there – see our promotions & special offers page for full details.

The example below highlights how important this can be:

It’s Saturday morning and you’ve just placed a 5-fold accumulator across the English domestic divisions. The combined odds of you bet are 40/1 meaning a £10 bet would return £400 in profit.


If you placed this bet using the Paddy Power 20% accumulator bonus and the bet landed you’d get an extra £80 profit on top for a total profit of £480 – that’s the best part of £100 more in winnings just by using a certain bookmaker to place your bet.

That’s just a small simple change you can make and it’ll allow you to win more money when you bets land. It costs you nothing extra to place the bet with a different bookmaker so it’s a win, win situation.

There are loads of opportunities like this out there and all of them are listed under the ‘special offers’ tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Alternatively you can check out our accumulator strategy section that is aimed at helping you make better selections to make sure your accumulator bets win more often.

Details on both how to pick teams for accumulator bets and which horses to back as part of your multiples are included along with info on the pro’s and con’s of different bet types to help you determine how to get the best return on your money.

Can You Really Beat The Bookies?

One of the best things about accumulator betting is the fact that on any given day you can give the bookies a really good hiding. Whether you can do that over the course of a whole year or five years is much more debateable.

To answer the question further lets look at a common example…

If you’re a football punter and you place a £10 weekend accumulator bet every time there are Premier League fixtures your outlay for the season would be £380.

It’s not unreasonable to suggest the average price of the accumulators you place would be around the 25/1 mark. If that were the case you would only need to land two accumulators over the course of the season to finish up in profit.

That is certainly do-able.

The bottom line is it all depends on how good you are at picking your bets each week and if you’re getting maximum value for the bets you place.

If it’s possible, which it usually is, getting a bigger payout on your winning bets is vital as you need less of them to turn a profit overall. That’s what our special offers section is all about so make sure you give it a long hard look.

Types Of Multiples & Accumulators

You’ll be pleased to know we’re not just all about the straight up accumulator here at either, although we do cover them in depth throughout the site.

We’ve also got strategy info, bookmaker recommendations and promotions listed for Lucky 15 bets and Yankee bets as well as accumulators. If you’ve never dealt with either of these before then it’s well worth reading up (use previous links) as they can certainly add another string to your bow in the fight against the bookmakers.

These bets also feature in our tips articles alongside regular accumulators so be on the look out, especially if you’re looking for a slightly easier win albeit usually at somewhat reduced prices when compared to acca bets.

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